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Startup Labs & Offices

The InQbation Lab startup labs and offices include office suites and private wet labs for Q resident startups. Wet lab space includes access to shared lab equipment as well as community spaces and foundries.

Resident Startup Labs

Wet Labs

Life sicence wet labs (625 sq feet) on the 5th floor of the Querrey InQbation Lab offer startups general lab amenities: a fume hood, bench and cabinet space, lab stools, gas storage, general equipment space, access to shared lab equipment.

Physical science labs, located on the 6th floor, offer similar amenities.

Shared Lab

The shared life science lab (300 sq feet) on the 5th floor of the Querrey InQbation Lab features common freezers and refrigerators, centrifuges, tissue culture hoods, and incubators – ideal for mammalian tissue culture, and general tools for cell and molecular biology research.

Resident Startup Offices

Access to office suits include additional amenities for Q resident startups including small and large conference rooms, communal tables, workstations, an area dedicated to office support, as well as a kitchen. Office suite space is found on the 6th floor of the Querrey InQbation Lab.

Private startup offices are available for 2-5 people.

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Interested in becoming a Q resident startup and utilizing our lab and office spaces?

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