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Benefits for All Northwestern Early Startups

Startup Toolkit Credit & Core Facilities Discount

Eligibility: Company must be either a N.XT Awardee and/or an early startup meeting the following criteria (< 3 years from incorporation, <2 FTEs, and an active option/license to Northwestern intellectual property)

Table: Summary of benefits, details and duration for startup toolkit credit and core facilities discount.
Startup Toolkit Credit Reimbursement of 80% of costs associated with eligible services, up to a total reimbursement of $5000 Reimbursements for services used over a 12 month period
Northwestern Core Facilities Discount Reimbursement of difference between internal and external rates, up to reimbursements of $2000/year Discounted rates for Core use available only during first three years of a company’s life. (Discounts will not be given once a company is beyond 3 years from incorporation.)

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