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Tech Talks at the Q

Tech Talks at The Q offer local high school students the opportunity to meet Northwestern faculty and learn about their innovative research that will impact our future.

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2023 Participating Faculty

Larry Birnbaum

Larry Birnbaum

Professor of Computer Science

April 2023

With artificial intelligence growing increasingly sophisticated, how will AI affect our lives? Hear from Computer Science Professor Larry Birnbaum, a pioneer in applied AI and human-AI collaboration. He’ll talk about natural language processing, the automatic generation of content by machines, and intelligent information systems. We’ll learn about some of the technology behind the headlines!

Kevin Lynch

Kevin Lynch

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director, Center for Robotics & Biosystems

March 2023

Professor Kevin Lynch leads Northwestern’s Center for Robotics and Biosystems. The Center is working toward a future where humans and robots collaborate seamlessly to achieve what is currently impossible; where sensors, actuators, and controllers are inspired by biological principles. You will hear about ground-breaking technologies in collaborative robots ("cobots"), swarm robotics, and haptic interfaces, among others.

John Rogers

John Rogers

Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Diretor, Querrey Simpson Institute for Bioelectronics

February 2023

Professor John Rogers is the preeminent pioneer in the field of bio-integrated electronics. His research exploits the characteristics of soft electronic materials. Applications of his technologies range from a wearable sensor sold by L’Oreal and sweat patches sold by Gatorade to wireless sensors for capturing vital signs of premature babies in the NICU and dissolvable pacemaker for patients with cardiac conditions.