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ananth-ginger240.webpThe Querrey InQbation Lab offers one-week executive residencies on a quarterly basis that embed seasoned executives in the Northwestern community. The EIR program offers a focused and intentional opportunity for experts, some of whom may be alumni, to get involved at the university on various fronts, including meeting students, faculty and startups. For its first year of programming, the InQbation Lab is hosting EIRs in the following areas: Sustainability (Fall 2023), Medical Devices (Winter 2023), and Therapeutics (Spring 2024).

The Q EIR spends a total of 4 days on campus with one off-campus day reserved for office hours. During the on-campus days, EIRs meets faculty who have projects on the cusp of translation as well as startups, young and mature, who are interested in tapping into the EIR’s insight in the respective markets. EIRs equip Northwestern faculty and startups with new perspective and actionable recommendations in their approach to next steps of derisking or commercialization. Furthermore, EIRs will be able to leverage their broad national and global network to further connect and extend the reach of our community.

ananth335.webpIncorporated in the residency are opportunities for the EIR to give guest lectures on campus and meet with graduate students and post-docs in a seminar format. Networking opportunities like dinners and social hours are included in the schedule.

Benefits for Northwestern Participants

  • For faculty with pre-company projects, the EIRs can help understand their position with respect to technology maturity and product maturity as well as think about their role and needed key roles in a future company
  • For young startups, the EIRs can help pressure test their pitch decks and value propositions. They can provide input in the product development and make connections with network
  • For mature startups, the EIRs can help explore new verticals and make connections with network

EIR Details

  • Term: 1 week
  • Honorarium offered, Travel expenses covered
  • Schedule: INVO coordinates meetings with faculty, startups, and university leadership and staff


  • Seasoned executives who have both the business acumen and the relevant experience/ understanding early-stage technologies will be of essence.
  • Please email