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NM-Q Medical Device Studio

The NM-Q Medical Device Studio is designed to enable Northwestern Medicine clinicians (physicians, nurses or other healthcare providers) to move from "napkin drawings" to initial prototypes, facilitating initial conversations and interest among clinicians, industry partners and/or investors.  The studio is supported by the NM Mansueto Innovation Institute and Northwestern's Querrey InQbation Lab.

Both institutions contributed $100k each to support four (4) projects which are selected by a committee consisting of clinicians and external experts.  Each project has up to $50k of allocated funding to support the initial prototyping build.    

An external product designer manages the projects from concept to prototype, helping to ensure device specifications are captured and translated for design firms to provide and execute a proper scope of work.  Where applicable, Northwestern will cover initial patent costs and help initiate steps towards commercialization through involvement in a Kellogg business course or introductions to medical device companies.

For more details and the application, visit this page.  

Application Process

2024 Applications will open Summer 2024.

The Application Process:
Clinicians must complete the application and complete either a Northwestern University invention disclosure form if you are a Northwestern employee OR an Northwestern Medicine disclosure form if your appointment is fully at Northwestern Medicine.  The Invention Disclosure form enables the Northwestern team to assess patentability protection. 

N.B.: If selected, the invention disclosure form affirms the clinician's assignment of invention ownership to the University and Northwestern Medicine which covers patent costs and the initial prototyping cost. 

The Selection Process: 
After an initial evaluation of the submitted materials, a subset of the applicants will be asked to present their medical device concept before a board of select physicians and external partners and answer questions regarding their device.  Based upon a grading matrix, the top four scoring projects will be selected.

Please contact Sonia Kim at or Kali Arduini at with any questions.