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Community Space

The community space is found on the 1st floor of the InQbation Lab and features workstations, collaborative seating areas, as well as private meeting rooms and offices. The majority of Q Lab programming is hosted in this open and inviting space.

This space is open to all members of the InQbation Lab community.

Offices and Conference Rooms

The Q’s private hoteling offices are designated for InQbation Lab Mentors-in-Residence and Entrepreneurial Fellows.

Conference rooms (with monitors) may be reserved by Q community members - contact


Throughout the community space, there are workstations and shared spaces that enable the Q community to work, meet, and collaborate.

Common Space

The community common space is an open area to be shared by the entire InQbation Lab community.

The space features soft seating, hightop communal seating, café style seating, enclosed Heya chairs, as well as a privacy phone booth.

This common space can be transformed to host InQbation Lab events that require classroom seating, open space for social gatherings, and anything in-between.

Become a Resident Startup

Gain Access to Our Space

Interested in becoming a Q resident startup and utilizing our lab and office spaces?

Apply to Become a Resident