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Resident Team Portal

Welcome to the InQbation Lab at 1801 Maple!

By now, your startup should:

  • have an IP option/license
  • have received approval from the InQbation Lab Approval Committee (INVO, OR, Provost) to reside at the Q
  • have signed off of the startup compliance checklist which includes the following:
    • Ensure COI management plan is in place.
    • Business plan has been submitted.
    • Liability insurance has been secured. (Refer to this Template for reference)
    • Milestones have been identified with INVO.
    • And other eligibility criteria
  • have confirmed your designated lab and office spaces
  • paid your security deposit and 1st month's rent to the InQbation Lab. Monthly rent is expected to be paid to INVO upon receipt of the invoice. Auto-pay is an option.  Please talk with the Q's Operation Manager if you have any questions.

The office and lab spaces are available as is for license.  Any modifications to gas lines, electrical needs, fume hood/exhaust, equipment hookup, casework modification, etc. must be approved by the InQbation Lab and will be at the cost of the STARTUP.   The InQbation Lab works with Facilities to obtain estimated cost to startup and arrange for work to be completed.


  • STARTUP should complete the "RESIDENT STARTUP INTAKE" form or the "ADD NEW HIRE" form to notify the InQbation Lab of the staff who intend to work at 1801 Maple.
  • Q Lab will provide STARTUP with NetIDs, contractor cards for building access, and lab/ office keys.  PLEASE NOTE:  Issuing Net IDs can take up to 2 weeks.  Contractor cards take 24-48 hours. Physical keys may require up to a week and may be picked up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 
  • Appropriate STARTUP employees should begin to complete Research Safety compliance.  See "Research Safety" tab on this page.
  • PLEASE NOTE: To receive emergency notifications on immediate or imminent threats, enroll in AlertNU by texting "AlertNU" to 226787.  To unsubscribe, simply text "stop" to the same number. 


Please Note:  STARTUPS should share an active list of employees.  For staff who are leaving your STARTUP, please let the InQbation Lab know of their departure to ensure access is canceled.



Please Note:  STARTUPS should expect a minimum 2 week turn around.  STARTUP will need a headshot of the employee, the company employee email, and Net ID and Wildcard ID#, if applicable.


Startup Registration into LUMEN

Lumen is the university's online safety data management tool. The roles on LUMEN include:

  • The Principal Investigators (PIs) who submit applications and registrations for review;
  • Safety Designates who assign job activities of each lab member; and
  • Staff who can access and track their required safety training modules.

Process of Safety Compliance at the InQbation Lab

  • InQbation Lab will create a startup profile in Lumen, assigning CEO as PI and employees to startup profile.
  • Startup (PI) completes "Lab Registration" and assigns a Safety Designate. 
  • Startup (PI and/or Safety Designate) assigns level of Lumen access and "Job Activities" for each employee.
  • InQbation Lab will complete the Person Outside the Institution (POI) Form for each employee to request relevant safety training.  ALL EMPLOYEES must complete safety training within 2 weeks of employment.

  • Safety Designate contacts Safety Specialist from ORS for lab safety visit.

Lab Safety Supplies

  • Proper safety signage, disposables, sharps containers, PPE and other resources may be picked up at Research Safety, located at Tech NG-71.
  • Waste disposal container supplies may be obtained at Fisher store, located at Tech KG. 
  • Waste bucket replacements may be ordered through Lumen. 
  • PPE Vending Machine is located at Tech NG-71- Bring Wildcard to access.
  • New lab coats are available at Tech NG-71. Dirty lab coats may be dropped off and replaced in subsequent visits.
  • Safety Supply Catalog: 

Other Research Safety Details

  • STARTUP contracts directly with supplier for hazardous waste management via Lumen.
  • STARTUPs that have gas hookup needs can work with AirGas.
  • STARTUP certifies own Biological Safety Cabinets with CEPro
  • STARTUP's Safety Specialist at the Office of Research Safety is designated on the STARTUP dashboard on Lumen.   General ORS contact info: or (847) 491-5581

Q Room Reservations

First come first serve, using google calendar

1a.jpg1st Floor Conference Room, Suite 1423: RESERVE ROOM

Suite 1423 seats 6 people.  The room is equipped with a polycom, a wall-mounted monitor for sharing presentations, and a dry erase board for brainstorming and work sessions.

1b.jpg1st Floor Conference Room Suite 1417 (no monitor): RESERVE ROOM

Suite 1417 seats 6 people.  The room is equipped with a dry erase board for brainstorming and work sessions.

5.jpg5th Floor Conference Room Suite 5400: RESERVE ROOM

Suite 5400 seats 12 people.  The room is equipped with a polycom, a wall-mounted monitor for sharing presentations, video conference capability, and a dry erase board for brainstorming and work sessions.

monitor.jpgMonitor on Wheels:  RESERVE MONITOR

The monitor is stored in Suite 1400.  Please return the monitor to this space after use.

1-classroom.jpg1st Floor Classroom:  RESERVE ROOM

Suite 1304 seats 35 people.  This tiered classroom features a projector and dry erase boards.


5th Floor Phone Booth #1: RESERVE BOOTH

5th Floor Phone Booth #2: RESERVE BOOTH

Lab Equipment & Supplies


  • Airgas

    • Airgas provides gas and equipment, installation, and safety review.
    • Each STARTUP is responsible for creating an account, making payments, and coordinating the delivery of gas shipments.
    • To set up an account, pricing, and laboratory installation, contact Charlie Catania

Gene Sequencing

  • Primordium Labs

    • Each STARTUP is responsible for creating their own account, making payments, and preparing samples to be shipped.
    • The closest Primordium drop site is Cook Hall (220 Campus Dr)
    • For more information, contact Primoridum (626) 466-3797

Digital Notebook

  • Benchling

    • Provides biological tools, sample tracking, and inventory software for growing startups. It is best suited to biopharma, biotech, clinical diagnosis or clinical research, energy, chemical companies, etc.
    • For quotes and how Benchling can support your laboratory and data organization, contact Amanda Savidge

Cloud Storage

  • AWS

Human Resources

  • Post job opportunities to recruit students at The Garage via their Job Board

Deliveries at the Dock/ Move-in

  • STARTUP coordinates access to loading dock and freight elevator with day porter.
    Contact Jack Youhanna at (773) 787-6783.
  • The loading dock is accessible 24/7; however, if you require Jack to manage deliveries, please let him know in advance.


  • USPS mail is delivered on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • FedEx, UPS and Amazon delivers to Suite 1400 or Mailroom (access code is 1600*)
  • Mail will be delivered to mailbox areas in Suite 5400.

General Building Needs and Amenities

  • For any building issues (thermostat, bathrooms, light bulbs, water leaks, keys, wildcard access, etc.), contact Trina Whittaker at
  • Vending Machines (snacks and soda) located in Suite 1303.
  • Shared ice maker and autoclave are located on the 2nd floor (Suite 2180). If needed, please request key from Q Lab.
  • PLEASE NOTE: To receive emergency notifications on immediate or imminent threats, enroll in AlertNU by texting "AlertNU" to 226787.  To unsubscribe, simply text "stop" to the same number. 


  • STARTUP has access to NU WiFi via euroam, Northwestern's campus wireless network.
  • If additional firewall is required, STARTUP contacts NUIT.   Contact: Doug Dickerson,


  • Northwestern is unable to offer long-term University Parking in Evanston lots. Maximum is 1 month as a contractor for $50. STARTUPS can visit the parking office at 1841 Sheridan Rd for daily hang tags at $9.
  • Evanston Self-Park Public Garage is available across the street at 1800 Maple. Monthly permit is $80, or $60 for rooftop only. Contact the garage at (847) 866-9240.


  • Call 911 for any situation that requires any immediate police, fire or medical response.
  • Inform InQbation Lab staff of emergency event.

Resident startups may reside at the InQbation Lab for a maximum of 2 years.  The space license is for a term of one year and must be renewed. 

To ensure the rollover to the second year runs smoothly, please be sure to plan for sufficient time to execute an active IP license in place.  Startups must have an active option/license to be a resident at the InQbation Lab. 

Also, note that there is a modest 3% rent increase for Year 2. 

Send the InQbation Lab an updated Certificate of Insurance that extends through the end of the 2nd year term.

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