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Our Resident Startups

The Querrey InQbation Lab hosts resident teams that include some of Northwestern’s brightest minds and innovative technologies

Resident startups at the The InQbation Lab can take advantage of several key entrepreneurial resources: mentorship, legal assistance, discounts, funding, work spaces, libraries, and more. Learn more about our resident resources.

Resident Team Portal: Login to the resident team portal with your NetID.

chang logo

Chang Industries

IP Studio is developing water-based barrier coatings for food packaging.

Faculty Founder

SonBinh T. Nguyen, McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence Dow Chemical Company Research Professor of Chemistry

flashpoint logo


Flashpoint Bio is developing next generation immunotherapeutics, harnessing the power of nanotechnology to create more potent vaccines.

Faculty Founder

Chad Mirkin, George B. Rathmann Professor of Chemistry

MFNS Tech logo


MFNS-Tech uses a patented coating platform called Multi-Functional Nano Structures (MFNS) to more efficiently cleanup oil spills, pollutants, and toxins from water. Their technology is customizable and has broad industrial, environment and medical applications.

Faculty Founder

Vinayak Dravid, Abraham Harris Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Opera Bioscience logo

Opera Bioscience

Opera Bioscience is developing a novel next-generation bacterial protein expression system capable of manufacturing high quality proteins without the costly and time-consuming purification steps.

Faculty Founder

Danielle Tullman-Ercek, Professor of Biological and Chemical Engineering, Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

PreDx logo


PreDx is an early stage startup creating unique bio-responsive contrast agents (BCAs) that allow for real-time, non-invasive monitoring of gene expression in living organisms.

Faculty Founder

Thomas Meade, Professor of Chemistry

Skyway Biosciences logo

Skyway Biosciences

Skyway Biosciences is commercializing a novel blood collection technology that can provide accurate and reliable leading testing using a single drop of blood. The patented technology improves collection and preserves blood sample more efficiently during transport.

Faculty Founders

Thomas McDade, Carlos Montezuma Professor of Anthropology

William Funk, Associate Professor of Preventative Medicine (Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention)

Syenex logo


Syenex is developing a synthetic biology discovery platform to harness the therapeutic potential of extracellular vesicles.

Faculty Founder

Joshua Leonard, Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Temprian Oncology logo

Temprian Oncology

Developing highly selective supercarriers for the treatment of advanced melanoma.

Faculty Founders

Caroline LePoole, Professor of Dermatology

Sonbinh Nguyen, McCormick Professor of Teaching Excellence Dow Chemical Company Research Professor of Chemistry

Actinia logo


Actinia is developing a new detector of materials to double the resolution of X-ray and gamma-ray imaging technologies to improve the safety, efficiency, and security of nuclear technologies used in power generation, national defense, and medical imaging.

Faculty Founder

Mercouri G. Kanatzisia, Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor of Chemistry

Aplexis logo


Aplexis is an early-stage therapeutic company focused on treating myeloproliferative neoplasms with characteristic Plek2 overexpression. Aplexis has identified novel Plek2 inhibitors and is currently optimizing the lead compounds and finalizing functional testing.

Faculty Founder

Peng Ji, Professor of Pathology

HemoRhythmics logo


HemoRhythmics provides smart solutions for implantable medical devices and human health sensors.

Faculty Founder

John Rogers, Louis Simpson and Kimberly Querrey Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Neurological Surgery

Rhaeos logo


Rhaeos addresses a critical unmet need in the care of patients with hydrocephalus. Arising from a collaboration between materials scientists and neurological surgeons at Northwestern University, they have developed a noninvasive thermal sensor for use in the monitoring of ventricular shunt function. Together, they hope to eradicate the uncertainty faced by patients, families, and healthcare providers alike.

Faculty Founder

John Rogers, Louis Simpson and Kimberly Querrey Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Neurological Surgery

Stemloop logo


Stemloop is developing cell-free technology to decentralize and democratize the testing of health threats, such as lead in drinking water and pathogens in the environment.

Faculty Founders

Michael Jewett, Walter P. Murphy Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Julius Lucks, Associate Chair of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Volexion logo


Volexion is developing advanced cathode materials for lithium ion batteries that overcome key limitations to conventional technology, primarily enhanced battery performance at low temperatures and rapid charging and discharging. Their cathode material provides high energy efficiency, improves cycling stability, and utilizes safer materials.

Faculty Founder

Mark C. Hersam, Walter P. Murphy Professor of Materials Science and Engineering