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About the InQbation Lab

Kimberly Querrey

Northwestern innovators are pushing the bounds of science and engineering through discovery, collaboration and promising ventures. The Querrey InQbation Lab will give these entrepreneurial faculty the resources to realize their potential and maximize the benefits to society.”

Kimberly Querrey
Northwestern Board of Trustees

The Querrey InQbation Lab was named in honor of Kimberly K. Querrey (’22, ’23 P), chair of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee of Northwestern’s Board of Trustees. The InQbation Lab builds on Querrey’s holistic vision of creating an ecosystem that will accelerate breakthrough discoveries to society.

The incubator provides a home set aside for Northwestern’s highly entrepreneurial faculty to contribute to innovation through commercialization of sophisticated scientific discoveries and serves as a springboard to catalyze economic growth and opportunities to the Evanston and Chicago communities.

Not only does the "Q" in InQbation honor Querrey’s vision and support, but it also represents the critical questions Northwestern’s researchers translate into solutions to advance our world.

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