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Kellogg – Q Lab Entrepreneurial Residency

Starting Spring 2023

Kellogg and the Querrey InQbation Lab are collaborating to offer a unique new one-quarter Independent Study course, the Kellogg – Q Lab Entrepreneurial Residency, which offers MBA students the opportunity to be embedded in Northwestern research centers with facilitated University connections.  The course provides structured entry points into cutting-edge technology areas and offers exposure to cross-disciplinary research. 

 Kellogg Residents may select from the following Centers/Institutes:

The Kellogg student must apply for the Entrepreneurial Residency by emailing their CV and cover letter to the InQbation Lab ( by March 15, 2023.  The cover letter should specify the Center/Institute, potential faculty, projects, etc. based upon experience and interest. 

An information session is scheduled on Thursday, March 9, 12:15pm at The Global Hub, Room 1130. Please log into Campus Groups and register in advance. Pizza will be provided. 

 Once accepted, the MBA student will engage for the entire quarter by:

  • Initiating follow-meetings with faculty
  • Joining group meetings
  • Scheduling one-on-one meetings with graduate student/post-doctoral researchers
  • Attending relevant seminars
  • Organizing two mixers with researchers (April and May)
  • Coordinating and scheduling biweekly meetings with Kellogg mentors
  • Presenting their work at the end of the quarter

As the MBA student canvasses research projects for the first 2-3 weeks, they will develop and define deliverables in conjunction with the interested technology faculty member(s) and Kellogg mentors.  They may include: 

  • Market study
  • Competitive analysis
  • Gap analysis
  • Initial assessment of commercialization potential

The expected time commitment will be approximately 6-8 hours per week.  The MBA students will be given a desk at the Center/Institute to build their presence at the lab as well as a stipend of $2000 to support relevant customer discovery and trade show travels, etc.

Email questions to